ENTERTAINMENT: The Till Death do us Part DANGER show!

The Death Do Us Part danger show are Charlie and Rachel Atlas, a husband and wife duo who are pushing the boundaries in modern vaudeville...bringing the kind of knife-throwing acts that would previously only be seen in a circus of yesteryear to modern cabaret, club and festival audiences. They create high energy, high tension performances that are genuinely thrilling and balance nail-biting danger with sexy humour.


They will be joined onstage at the STC by the gorgeous Scottish performer Nikki Leigh who will be helping them attempt some stunts previously never seen live!


Their signature knife act includes human target, moving human targets, double human targets, knives thrown whilst sword-swallowing, fire, knives and the board of death, a show-stopping finale which has to be seen to be believed!


They have performed in over 11 countries and at many high profile venues and events including: Ozzfest(USA), Rockabilly Day Festival(Belgium), Gypsy Hotel(London and Eindhoven), the Hotrod Hayride(UK), Surf n Ink(Australia), the NZ Tattoo & Art Festival(NZ), Wasteland(The Netherlands), Fetish Evolution(Germany), Pinky’s Peepshow(Germany), the Scottish Tattoo Convention(UK), Wink & Ink Tattoo Convention(Australia),Torture Garden Edinburgh(UK), Cabaret Supper Club(Belfast) and many more!!!


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Facebook: facebook.com/deathdouspartdangershow

Instagram: www.instagram.com/deathdouspartdangershow

Website: deathdouspartshow.com







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